Postpartum and Depression

Pregnancy imposes a lot of risks on women. As we all know, different risk factors happen not only in the process of pregnancy and giving birth. Believe it or not, post-pregnancy can cause real problems, such as postpartum depression, which is usually associated with depression. So in this article, we named it Postpartum and Depression.… Continue reading Postpartum and Depression

How depression can kill

Regardless of age, it is proven that depression has increasing numbers especially here in Calgary. Despite this, it is often neglected because many are still in doubt that depression really exists. They are thinking that it is just another imaginary thing brought by the imaginary minds of humans.   Many people will continue to succumb… Continue reading How depression can kill

Is it possible to heal depression naturally?

Depression has been around since the early times. It has been ruining a lot of lives since then that is why solving it sooner is necessary. In Calgary, the increased number of people suffering from depression is really alarming already. There are lots of over-the-counter medications that help in managing depression. However, not all are… Continue reading Is it possible to heal depression naturally?