How to Avoid Depression in Your Workplace

Continuous stress in your workplace can lead to depression. Since the workplace is where we get our livelihood, stress is usually taken for granted. Many are experiencing this in Calgary. Once we experience stress in work we just leave it as is and continue to live with it.

Stress At Workplace


Without the full knowledge of what stress can give, we have no idea that it can be life-threatening. Several situations in the workplace can lead to possible depression.

In this article, we will tackle them so that you can avoid them from happening.

  • Avoid involving yourself in misunderstandings: Having misunderstandings with co-workers is somehow common. However, as much as possible avoid it. This can cause unnecessary pressure on your well-being. In the long run, too much pressure can increase the number of stress hormones in your body.
  • Do not overwork: Overworking can lead to exhaustion which is bad for your mental health. So when you are doing too much work that your body can handle, you’ll compromise not only your mental health but your overall wellbeing as well. If you will continue to overwork, instances of depression can happen.
  • Take a vacation: From time to time, if it is possible to take a rest in the form of a vacation, grab the opportunity. This will release tensions in your mind preventing the occurrences of stress and depression.
  • Eat healthily and be active: By having a healthy diet and being physically active can make you a better employee. So instead of eating unhealthy during your break time at work, try to pack healthy foods. This will supply you with the right nutrients even if you are away from home. Also, you can take walks or commute going back and forth to your office. This will promote physical activity and exercise which is perfect for maintaining good health.
  • Do not take things personally: When you got reprimanded by your boss, take it as criticism. Most of the people who are taking those coaching sessions personally affect them a lot. They become stressed about it which makes their life miserable.


Depression because of what’s happening in the workplace is pretty common. You must know how to handle pressure in your workplace. Those unnecessary pressures must be dealt with lightly avoiding too much pressure on your mind.

As a result, you will be able to know that your work is not your only life. You have a life outside that is more important. So do not stress yourself over things that are all manageable.

Regarding that, Calgary Depression Counselling is right here to help you out in battling depression. We have the best methodologies that are perfect in ensuring that you are completely stress-free when you finished the sessions.

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