Signs That Depression Can Kill

Depression does not bring any good to people. It ruins a lot of lives when not treated. However, there are instances wherein depression cases are just mild. In Calgary, there are some cases of depression and we must not take it for granted.

Recovering From Stress

Sometimes it can go away on its own. But keep in mind that there are cases wherein it gets worst over time. In this case, it can be life-threatening.

How can you say if depression can already kill a person? There are signs that you should look out for.

In this article, we will try to reveal those signs for you to prevent it from happening. They are easy to memorize thus you can grasp them pretty easily.

#1 Intense Moods

The occurrence of intense moods is evident for a person with severe depression. It can be extreme sadness, anger, or even happiness. Moreover, this can deeper from one person to another.

These intense moods can trigger a person to do things that are not appropriate. It might come to the point where the importance of life is overlooked already. One example is a suicide, moods can trigger this act as the person is not already on his proper thinking to know what is right from wrong.

#2 Food and Water Deprivation

A person who is depressed will often skip his meals. They put a lot of their time pondering on things that are not important.

As a result, they are prone to gastrointestinal-related illnesses that can elevate into something worse. Dehydration is another thing to look out for as it is deadlier and can affect our health instantly.

#3 Poor Hygiene

Hygiene is often overlooked by persons who are experiencing depression. It can lead to infection and the effects are not instantly felt.

Nevertheless, it is still fatal once an action is never done to solve it. So, it is important to check if a person has these signs. Or if you are the one experiencing this, be sure to get seek help immediately.


Battling depression is a challenging task. There are signs that you can use as a clue and you must be aware of them. This will reduce the chances of experiencing the fatal effects of depression which is the loss of life.

Moreover, as the awareness of people when it comes to depression widens, the instances of depression lowers. The big challenge though is the fast-changing traditions globally.

The onset of technology also affects our moods a lot thus resulting in behavioral changes. Regarding that Calgary Depression Counselling is willing to help you battle depression. We have the best practices to ensure that you’ll win your battle against depression.

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